Unab Partners

Key Development Partners
i) Norwegian Association of the Blind and Partially Sighted (NABP)
ii) Sight Savers International (SSI)
iii) Action on Disability and Development (ADD)
iv) Lillian fund
v) Norwegian Association of the Disabled (NAD)
vi) Abilis Foundation
vii) Institutional Development Programmes (IDP)
viii) Lions Aid Norway.
ix) Hilton Perkins
x) African Union of the Blind.
xi) Right to Play
xii) World Blind Union
xiii) International Council of Education for Visually Impaired Persons (ICEVI)

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Corporate friends.
a. Nile Breweries limited
b. Barclays bank international
c. Centenary Rural Development Bank
d. Coca-cola limited
e. Bank of Uganda
f. Standard Chattered Bank Limited.

Unab Membership

i) Full membership of UNAB are the district association of the blind who pay both annual and subscription fee as determined by the General Assembly from time to time. Membership of UNAB is currently composed of 53 district Associations.

ii) Associate membership are organisations/or individuals interested in the welfare of the blind and partially sighted persons who also pay both annual and subscription fees as determined by the general assembly from time to time.

iii) UNAB membership by constitution recognises both gender and youth representation at all levels of leadership.

iv) UNAB is also a member of National Union of disabled persons of Uganda (NUDIPU), Forum for Education NGOs in Uganda (FENU), Development Network of Indigenous NGOs (DENIVA), UNAB's women's committee is a member to National Union of Women with Disabilities in Uganda (NUWODU) and National Association of Women in Uganda (NAWOU). Internationally it's a member to African Union of the Blind and World Blind Union.